After 45 years, we know a thing or two about aircraft tractors

Kalmar Motors has developed and manufactured aircraft tractors for more than 45 years. That makes us one of the oldest companies in the business. But it does not make us content.

All sizes at all times

Our mission is clear and simple, we move commercial aviation aircraft of all sizes. With our simple and effective design, we do it quickly and carefully as well as with an accessibility 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. At Kalmar Motor, you will find the right tractor for every airport, and for every kind of aircraft used in commercial aviation, from regional aircrafts to the Airbus A380.

Combining simplicity with cutting edge technology

Kalmar Motor is world leading in technology for towbarless handling of regional aircraft and Electric / Hybrid power technology. We create tractors that last longer, require less service and have a level of comfort that enables drivers to achieve top performance. Market leader in electric and hybrid technology for a sustainable ground support industry. That’s how we managed to stay in front for more than 45 years.