Kalmar Motor is synonym for TBL

Towbarless tractors from Kalmar Motor allow attachment (docking) without having to lift or move the plane. That is a unique function, only offered by Kalmar Motor.

TBL originates from Kalmar

The first TBL (Towbarless) tractor was developed by Kalmar Motor and launched in 1989. Even today, when several of the functions from 1989 are standard for aircraft tractors, the TBL from Kalmar Motor offers functions that are unique within the industry.

Lower fuel consumption and a longer life

All tractors from Kalmar Motor are equipped with conventional power shift transmissions with the latest automatic shift technology. This means seamless gear shifts and smooth driving. In comparison to hydrostatic drive systems you also get lower fuel consumption, greater dependability, greatly reduced maintenance cost and a longer lifespan.

TBL tow without personnel in the cockpit

Achieved by a sophisticated patented cradle design combined with the F.A.C.T.® System, a system that controls the tractive and braking forces as well as the torque and angle in an extremely accurate way. The system also incorporates a mechanical torque release, similar to the shear pin in a tow--- bar. This makes it possible to achieve the very tough requirements set by the airframe manufacturers for handling commuter aircraft. The TBL is therefore the tractor on the market that handles the widest range of commuter aircraft with formal NTO approvals. The same type of force control system is also implemented in our conventional tow tractors, to reduce the risk of oversized conventional tractor usage on a too small aircraft.

Operator cabin developed to make long shifts comfortable

All tractors from Kalmar Motor AB have the same optimised operators cabin with the driver positioned centrally with the same line of sight in both directions. It is designed to create a excellent working environment for every operator. Optimising the same operators cabin for several models enables faster training and operation familiarity. Furthermore, the Kalmar Motor operators cabin has a number of benefits which have been developed to facilitate a safe and effective driving enviroment.

All information on one graphical colour display

Thanks to the latest CAN bus technology, all information is available on one graphical colour display in front of the operator.

Hydropneumatic suspension

Operator cabins and drive axles have optimised hydraulic suspension to ensure the highest level of comfort.

180 degrees rotation

The driver seat rotates 180 degrees. The steering wheel, controls and instruments also move and adjust themselves so that the driver always drives facing forwards, regardless of the direction.

Adjustable height

Our three largest tractors also have hydraulically suspended cabins that can be raised or lowered for optimised operations.