Pole position in electric technology

How to compare electric towbarless tractors, with or without range extender, developed by Kalmar Motor with conventional diesel drives? Well, first of all, at Kalmar Motor we are constantly improving our range of tractors and in many ways pushing the technology forward like no other manufacturer on the market. Second, there are a number of explicit qualities that we think you will find interesting:

Lower your operating cost

The tractors from Kalmar Motor are operated at a fraction of the costs, and emissions far below those of combustion engines of conventional diesel drives. And that is regardless of what purification technology you use.

Moves vehicles of all sizes

The electric and hybrid towbarless tractors from Kalmar Motor have the capability to move commercial aviation aircraft of all sizes, using cost saving and environmental friendly Electric and Hybrid power drives. In fact, the TBL 800 is the first ever hybrid tractor that can handle wide body aircraft, using electrical power. This enables us to tow an Airbus A380, with or without personnel in the cockpit quickly and safely.

Regenerative Charging

During deceleration the electric motors function as generators charging the batteries, transforming the aircraft’s moving mass into energy. With the impressive sizes of wide body aircrafts, the system itself will generate ”free” battery charging.

Full power at all time

This technology is available on all our TBL tractors. The powertrain is completely electric. The diesel engine will automatically charge the batteries when needed. This means that full power is available at all times, regardless of the percentage charged. Since batteries can be charged even during the shortest stops, performance is maintained, even for the busiest airport operation.