VT 40

The electric powered Tool Changer Trucks are designed to move heavy-duty tools for metal press and mold injection applications.

The Kalmar VT40 has a capacity of 40 metric tonnes, in spite of its capacity it is easy and flexible to operate. The steering wheels turn 180 degrees and minimize the turning radius.

Kalmar Motor AB's trucks and tow-tractors are in operation since many years in the automotive industry and are important factors to keep the industry competitive.
The working table is adjustable vertically by 330mm from 500 to 830mm from the floor. Located in each corner of the table are four hydraulic cylinders, raising the table and tool to the required height of the press bed.

The two yellow push/pull arms power the tool on and off the press bed. They are raised and lowered to aid location onto the tool brackets.

Hydraulics, along with chains and a pulley system similar to a forklift mast, power the arms and provide the push/pull movement possible to change tools in just a single stroke.

Weight: 9,000 kg
Performance: Battery capacity 80V - Turning raduis 2,980 mm

VT 40

Technical Data VT 40