VT 50

The electric driven Platform Truck enables transporting of press- and mold injection dies. The Kalmar VT50 has a capacity of 50 metric tonnes, in spite of its capacity it is easy and flexible to operate, its turning radius is reduced to a minimum.

Kalmar Motor AB's trucks and tow-tractors are in operation since many years in the automotive industry and are important factors to keep the industry competitive.

The truck enables shunting of press and mold injection dies between area service, repair, cleaning, storage and prepared stand by the presses, where the overhead crane bring the dies to the press bed.

The Kalmar VT50's lift table is adjustable vertically by 330mm from 500 to 830mm from the floor. Located in each corner of the table are four hydraulic cylinders, raising the table and tool to the required height of the load stand.

The high positioned cabin enables the driver to have a good overview of the handling. To that, add the two-camera system with two monitors that control the load stands on the left and right side so that the driving and entering into the stands will be safe and secure.


Performance: Battery 80V

Technical Data VT 40