FB 150

Electric tow tractor for pushback and maintenance towing of aircraft, cargo and for industrial applications.

The world is asking for better tractors both for environmental reasons and simplicity, and to a very limited price.
With this in mind we are very proud to present our new Kalmar FB 150. This new tractor is a development of our well known products and will therefore full-fill the very high requirements from airports, industry and all emission and vehicle standards.

The new thing about it is that the whole chassis is a cast of composite material. This will give many great advantages compared to the old manufacturing methods. It has a very positive effect on the nature due to less energy consumption in manufacturing and because the material does not require any rust protection. It is also easily recycled.

It is a whole new approach of manufacturing which gives many advantages.

  • A very simple design
  • High strength chassis
  • No need for rust protection
  • Less strain on the nature compared to steel chassis
  • Very low noise and vibration levels
  • Lower cost compared to steel chassis

Another very important point is that the actual assembly time will be very much lower compared to conventional chassis due to that many functions that normally have to be welded or bolted in are already integrated in the chassis.

The Kalmar FB 150 is electrically powered by two engines and 4-wheel drive.

Weight: 12,000 kg