TBL 100

TBL-100 is designed for pushback of aircraft from F70 up to and including B757

The TBL-100 is Kalmar Motor's 'original' towbarless tractor and first manufactured in 1988. This latest version is a very simplistic design utilizing quality components from the TBL-50 and TBL-180. The TBL-100 is generally designed for pushback operations of aircrafts of up-to 120 tonnes as well as shorter distance inter-gate towings.

Featuring a unique gas-hydraulic suspension system on cabin, providing exceptional driving comfort.
The 96-Volt Electric Motor has direct connection to the power shift transmission, working through prop shaft directly on drive axle. This straight forward solution is resulting in low maintenance costs.

Its simplistic design makes the TBL-100 perfect to easy operation and greatly reduced maintenance.

Examples of optional extras:

  • Winter kit
  • Electrical heated windscreens
  • Air conditioning
  • Lighting Options