TBL 800

TBL 800 is an electric powered tractor designed for pushback and high speed maintenance towing of aircraft from Boeing 767 up to Airbus 380.

Powered by 800 V Lithium-Ion batteries with exceptional capacity. Charging of batteries is by on-board chargers that accept 400V AC and 115V 400Hz GPU power.
A range extender generator, powered by Cummins engine to latest emission standards, will automatically start when batteries need more power.

Electric power will be regenerated in braking and when operating hydraulic functions.

The electric drive system reduces cost for operation and maintenance with up to 60%!

The cradle is sturdy with a lifting capacity of 60 000 kg.  Aircraft docking is performed without moving or lifting the airplane. To increase efficiency, docking to aircraft is executed with passenger boarding bridge still connected.

Featuring our unique gas-hydraulic suspension system on elevating cabins, providing exceptional driving comfort. The driving position is 180° turnable for excellent overview and safe operation. Standard features also include 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steering, ABS-Anti Lock Brakes.